I couldn’t compare them to another band if I tried, and I mean that in the best way possible. They’ve got the style, the look, the sound, and the originality, all wrapped up in a perfect package of talent.
— The Aquarian Weekly

Short Bio

Fronted by drummer Mike Neglia and guitarist Andrew Milea, Wild Americans are a melody driven Indie Rock band that integrates elements of both Pop and Funk. The band has accredited their unique "sleepy funk" sound to a rare blend of dreamy vocal lines over a pocketed rhythm section.

The song writing duo initially formed when the two were paired together in music school in order to complete a senior thesis project. They passed. The two singers often trade off on vocals providing a refreshing balance between Neglia's traditional soulful rock voice and Milea's distinctive vocal style. When the two sing in harmony, the listener finds themselves at the essence of a sound exclusive to Wild Americans.

Their most recent effort, a stand alone single entitled Predictable Magic, was premiered at Brooklyn Bowl and is available exclusively on Spotify.