If you’re unfamiliar with the band, you won’t be for long. Their name alone suggests a mysterious, almost avant garde vibe, and that’s exactly how they come across
— Infectious Magazine
Sometimes, it feels like the world of alt-rock has lost its unique luster. Gone are the days when each offering in the genre had its own distinctive sound, replaced now by dozens of bands that can easily be confused with the next.

If Lighten Up, the latest EP from Wild Americans, is any indication, the band has set their sights on the field’s blasé state.
— Talk Nerdy With Us
We’ve been told that we sound like Foxygen, Mac DeMarco, and MGMT, but we call it mid-tempo space music.
— Wild Americans
Believe us, once you get into the EP, you will be asking for more – these pop-rock gems scream out for your attention. From the shining fretwork to the dazzling harmonies to the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Lighten Up contains enough cool vibes to make the discerning rock ’n’ roll lover beg for more!
— Power of Pop
Andrew’s strap broke during the first song of our first set, and we learned very quickly to sound check with care, and to make sure all of our gear is fully capable of sustaining the thrashing that lies ahead of it.
— Wild Americans
Our style is odd, everything from the way we look to the way we write music. Our tunes are down in general; mellow and pocketed. Even in the more up tempo songs, the music seems to convey the acceptance of defeat, without the satisfaction that comes along with acceptance. Doesn’t seem like there are any other bands hitting that vibe, for better or for worse.
— Wild Americans